Every Dog Counts Rescue Quilted Clutch

Our dear little dog is not the most socially adept creature. Even though we rescued him at a really young age he had a rough enough start to make him slightly neurotic. Plus, he lives with us, two slightly wacky people, which probably doesn’t help matters.

When he was younger we tried all we could to make him at home with other people and other dogs. Puppy socialization and training classes at the Humane Society helped a little. Then we searched for a doggy daycare we could take him to run off some of his energy we couldn’t quite drain him of on nightly walks. We also needed him learn how to function better in new environments.

For the past three years Jack has been going to Tender Loving Pets Doggy Daycare in downtown Indianapolis and it’s amazing how good it’s been for him. Everyone who works there knows exactly how to deal with him and there really is nowhere else Jack would like to be. He greets everyone there like they are his best friend, putting his paws on their shoulders and licking vigorously. This is the reaction only we’d seen before and it’s so nice that his comfort zone has expanded to include new people.

These people know dogs so well and for most of them dogs aren’t just their day job; dogs are their life. Many of them are involved in Every Dog Counts Rescue, an all breeds, all needs rescue & transport team. They do good work and don’t make money doing it. All money they raise goes to vet bills so when they asked me to make a bag for their silent auction I was happy to.

This 5″x9″ quilted wristlet clutch was made with a variety of fabric from Crimson Tate. This is my first attempt at piecing anything together in this way. It was inspired by a tutorial at Oh Fransson! on making quilted patchwork panels for a structured bag. It’s certainly not as lovely as her finished products, but it was a fun learning process. I didn’t quite know where to start so I just began cutting strips and sewing them down. Next time I’ll plan a bit before beginning, but what I think is best about this type of project is its flexibility. You can start with a bunch of tiny pieces, have no real plan and end up with a sweet little surprise.

It’s currently open for bids through December 9, 2012. I’m not expecting the sales of it to make any dent in the organization’s vet bills, but at least it prompted me to learn how to do something new and allowed me to work with some lovely fabrics. Plus, it was a good team-building experience for Jack and me.



5 responses to “Every Dog Counts Rescue Quilted Clutch”

  1. sara mcguyer (@sara_mc) Avatar

    This is really cool! And for a good cause too.

    We’ll be rounding up goods for the Indy Film Fest silent auction, if you’re up for making something for that!

    1. Claire Avatar

      Thanks, Sara!

      I’d be happy to make something for the Indy Film Fest silent auction.

      1. sara mcguyer (@sara_mc) Avatar

        That’s awesome! It’s near the end of February. I think you have my email address?

  2. Patti Avatar

    Aww…baby Jack is SOOOO cute! So is the wristlet! Good luck on the fundraiser!

    1. Claire Avatar

      Isn’t he? Whenever I look at baby pictures of him, my heart skips a beat. He’s cute still, but those teeth 🙂 Thanks, Patti.

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