During the mid 90s my family and I lived in the Minnesota woods. Located a mile past the power and telephone lines, we used butane lamps to read at night and had a generator we flipped on when we got ready for school in the mornings. We had a wood burning stove that my dad spent all summer chopping wood to fill and we line-dried our clothes in summer and winter.

At the time I resented it as only a teenager could, but now I can romanticize about the simplicity of it all.

Now I live in Indianapolis, IN with my husband and dog. I miss the green space and quiet of my childhood, but can’t quite bring myself to move away from the city. I’m determined to meld my two worlds and see what it takes to capture that same simplicity in the city. Each summer we get a little closer to growing a garden that will feed us for more than one meal. I’m learning to draft my own patterns so that I can wear things of my own creation. The more meals I make for us from scratch, the happier I am. You’ll see me dabble in a lot here and most likely master nothing. But fun is in the processes and learning, isn’t it?

Thanks so much for stopping by. Let me know if you have any questions about projects whether through the comments or in an email to cottagerevolution@gmail.com.


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  1. Imen McDonnell Avatar

    Hi there, sweet blog. Where in MN are you from? I live in Ireland now, but am from Mpls. Clicked on your blog from Frank Kelly’s…
    Best to you with all of your projects =)

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