Strawberry Bourbon Sidecar

After our adventures on the Bourbon Trail last month, we went on a bit of a bourbon kick. Encouraged by some friends who successfully infused strawberry, mango and raspberry bourbons, Regan and I decided to infuse some of our own.

We used a pint of sliced organic strawberries and 750 ml of Jim Bean Bourbon Whiskey (all bourbons are whiskey, but not all whiskeys are bourbon), divided between 3 small Ball jars (because that’s what we had on hand). We let the sliced berries sit in the closed containers in the refrigerator for four days, giving each a shake when we thought to. At the end of day four we strained the berries and particles out and poured the bourbon back into the bottle, our Jim Beam now richly red and fragrant. Although the infused bourbon isn’t what we’d hoped for due to a few too many berries and a bit too much infusion, we’ll definitely try again. Although I’d prefer not to drink this infusion straight, it’s pretty amazing in a Strawberry Bourbon Sidecar.

A traditional Sidecar is made with Cognac, but there are many variations on the Sidecar, including a Margarita (replace the Cognac with Tequila), which means that if you give me any version of a Sidecar, I’m really going to enjoy it. I love the citrus and sweet.

Strawberry Bourbon Sidecar


• 2 shots Strawberry-infused bourbon
• 1 shot Triple Sec (or another orange flavored liqueur)
• 1 shot Lemon juice


1. In a shaker pour bourbon, Triple Sec and lemon juice, shaking well.
2. Pour into a highball glass over ice.


4 responses to “Strawberry Bourbon Sidecar”

  1. Tim Avatar

    I love a classic sidecar, so it’s fun to read about a different twist! I usually do two shots brandy (or cognac if I’m feeling fancy), one shot Triple Sec (you’re supposed to perhaps use Cointreau, but I somewhat prefer the lower alcohol content of the Triple Sec, and the corresponding extra sweetness), and half a shot of lemon juice. Shaken with ice, strained into a martini glass, and no drink on earth can compete. Ambrosia!

    1. Claire Avatar

      Sounds really delicious. I love all the variations of drinks to accompany people’s diverse palates. Sadly, this little palate of mine always waters down drinks with ice. I feel as though real connoisseurs giggle at my interpretation of drinks 🙂

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