It’s a Jungle Out There

Heat in the 90s. Humidity at 80%. Rain and storms nearly every day. It’s kind of rough on us (well, rough on the dog), but our yard and garden are loving it.

We’ve got some serious green going on in our backyard.


Plenty of room for fetch AND a lovely garden.


Peas and tomatoes fighting for space.

Insane squash. In the span of a week it has jumped out of the raised bed, threatened to take over the strawberry pots, and begun to take on a life of its own. Even though Jack runs laps in that corner of the yard, the squash is resilient. I’m amazed.


A tree transplanted from Regan’s parent’s yard thrives.  And the rosemary, oregano, and cilantro growing in pots on the side of the garage are each starting to take off.


After figuring out how to keep the squirrels at bay, our lettuce has started to come back.


We have a ways to go with our landscaping along the back of the house, but what we have is a pretty good start. All the plants are courtesy of Regan’s parent’s yard. The rain barrel is courtesy of a workshop at Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.

Now I’m just daydreaming about razing the abandoned house next door and establishing a community garden there — taking our little jungle of a garden to the next level. How cool would that be?






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  1. Frank Avatar

    You got the place fixed up nice though McFly!

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