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  • Friday

    Amanda Blake Soule posts a photo each Friday that captures a moment from the week that she wants to savor. When I looked up at my breakfast this morning I felt like I needed to participate in “This Moment.” It sums up a lot of what I do and what I dream of rather nicely.

  • It’s a Jungle Out There

    Heat in the 90s. Humidity at 80%. Rain and storms nearly every day. It’s kind of rough on us (well, rough on the dog), but our yard and garden are loving it. We’ve got some serious green going on in our backyard. Plenty of room for fetch AND a lovely garden. Peas and tomatoes fighting…

  • Summertime

    We are savoring summer right now–imprinting memories of warmth, living plants and daylight that lasts until 10. This is what our life looks like right now– how could we not want to hold onto summer longer? Front yard flowers. Backyard tomatoes. Watering the yard and Jack at the same time. I love it.