This summer Regan and I have learned what vegetables really taste like. All organic and locally grown, we get our half share delivered each Friday just down the street from where Regan works. Mixed spring greens, mustard greens, summer squash, tomatoes (yellow, green, red– both little and humongous), radishes, herbs, adorable red potatoes, etc. AND we still have at least 10 weeks of fresh vegetables to look forward to!

There’s a lot to love about local- little packaging, a huge variety, and delicious. It feels like we’re doing something good for the community and good for us, too. Plus, we get a newsletter from our CSA with recipes to use with our share each week. It’s been really nice having fresh new veggie recipes come to us each week. There are only so many salads or bean based dishes I can stand to eat and so finding new recipes is extra exciting.






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