Garden in Bloom

This is the first year we haven’t turned to my in-law’s established yard to thin their perennials and cart them back to our in-progress yard. Mostly it’s because 17 inches of snow fell in Illinois when we headed over for our annual spring visit this year, but our yard is also finally filling in a little bit on its own.

The small trees and shrubs we started a few years ago are finally ready to be moved from their containers to the ground. The lilac bush that looked like two leafless twigs jutting out of the ground in its first few years now has leaves and flowers. Our irises are multiplying so much that soon we’re going to have to start thinning them and sharing with others instead of just filling in empty space in our yard.

There’s still so much more to do, as you can see by the potted plants lining our raised bed garden below, but our patience is finally paying off. This is good because I’m a relatively impatient person.

Are we just slow at creating what we want, or is your yard a work in progress too?


unfurling shrub



pygmy barberry







2 responses to “Garden in Bloom”

  1. Patti Avatar

    So pretty!! When I was walking Priam this morning I couldn’t help but smile seeing the tulips and magnolia trees in bloom in our neighborhood. Too bad our yard is North facing and nothing grows on it. Can’t wait to see your garden and all the yummies coming out of it this year! GO GREEN CLAIRE!

  2. Claire Avatar

    Aren’t spring walks just the best?

    Don’t hold your breath on yummy things coming out of our garden this year. I thinks we’ll get a few delicious salads, but maybe nothing more. Fingers crossed though!

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