Melody Miller Pieced Pillow

This summer I walked into our sweet local fabric store and walked out with a yard of Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Spring 2011 fabric. Its rich colors and texture drew me in and my first thought was, “I must make a skirt.” But upon bringing it home I realized it was much more “art” and much less apparel fabric, at least for me. Clearly there a people who can make and wear amazing clothing made from Melody Miller prints, but I’m not one. Do you get seduced by fabric too?

Anyway, this fabric sat washed, ironed and ready to go for months waiting for the perfect project. Then in an organizing fit I threw it into the living room and realized it matched the room perfectly. And so a pillow was born. Not sure why I didn’t think to make one sooner.

The fabric as a whole is lovely, but I wanted to break it up a bit. I pieced together the front (above), setting the bee illustration, which I love, off-center. I didn’t do anything to the back of the pillow and let the fabric do its own thing. It’s just so cool that leaving it alone might just be the best way to showcase it.

It’s nice to have a new pillow in the rotation since each of ours show six years of wear and  tear and dog drool. We don’t revamp things as often as we should, but I’m working on it.

Who are some of your favorite fabric designers?


4 responses to “Melody Miller Pieced Pillow”

  1. Maryann Avatar

    I love these last two projects, Claire. I’m sure someone very lucky was delighted to win the clutch and I hope it brought some good money for such a great cause. The pillow is great as well – love the fabrics. (I’d tell you who my favorite designers are except I’m hopeless at this… it’s like trying to describe your favorite song on the radio without know what it’s called or who sings it!) My grandma always got me into doing quilted pillows – they’re quick and fun and easy enough to change with the seasons. Although, I think I’d keep your pillow out year long! 🙂

    1. Claire Avatar

      Thanks, Maryann! I love those things our grandmas taught us. Mine never taught me to sew, but my great grandma taught me to knit. Such nice memories.

  2. Shannon Avatar

    what a beautiful pillow. I just love all the patterns, but the bees really grab me. Love them! Great work.

    1. Claire Avatar

      Thanks so much, Shannon! Also, wanted to let you know that your t-shirt yarn tutorial kind of blew my mind last year when I found it.

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