Damask Pattern Maxi Skirt

Lately I’ve pretty much reached project capacity as I juggle things for multiple clients. While in the midst of wrapping up the details of the t h e n t i c a u spring 2013 NY show, I’ve also been writing up a cool 1.2 million in grant proposals. And I’m not complaining at all. Lots of work is good for a freelancer.

However, at about the same time all this work came flooding in, I also broke down and got a new sewing machine. It’s a sexy little Husqvarna Viking. Sadly, though, it has been sitting, taunting me since I bought it. Sure I played with a few stitches the day I brought it home, trying to understand all the bells and whistles, but I haven’t yet been able to sit down and complete a full project. But I finally gave in to the need to sew something new for myself today.

This afternoon as I sat at home typing away, I suddenly realized it had been three days since I left the house. You guys. Three days. And on top of that, when I looked down at my outfit I realized my fly was unzipped. As you can imagine, I’m not super proud of this realization. The fact I have been wickedly productive lately does not make up for the fact that I have become a reclusive mess. So I closed my laptop, ended my work day and decided to cut out a skirt pattern I’d been thinking of lately.

Using the last of the knit fabric styles I bought at Vogue Fabrics earlier this year (see here and here for the other styles), I made a simple maxi skirt based on my measurements. I like it so well that I thought about writing a tutorial for it, but in looking around the internet I found that Elle Apparel has a clear tutorial on how to make this same type of simple skirt. Plus, she has lovely pictures of the finished product and isn’t standing in the middle of her drought-ravaged yard like me.

I love projects like this — start to finish in an hour. It’s super light and very comfortable. It’s going to be a much more presentable option than yoga pants next time I work from home for an extended amount of time. And I might even be able to dress it up and wear it out of the house (GASP! Leave the house?). Funny thing though, I still didn’t get to use my sewing machine. My trusty serger did all the work. Maybe this weekend I’ll catch my breath and properly christen the Viking.


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  1. Patti Avatar

    Look at you! So productive. At least you accomplished a lot while sitting with unzipped pants. Now you don’t even have to worry about! The skirt looks beautiful and comfy! Great job!

    1. Claire Avatar

      Thanks for the skirt love. Thanks also for taking me to Vogue. Clearly I have been inspired by that fabric selection! Never before have I used fabric so readily.

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