Coconut Nutella Frozen Yogurt

This summer is a hot one and the studio where I work is not well air-conditioned. This is fine. The beads of sweat that form on my brow while I write emails make me feel like I’m doing something much greater than sitting. It’s when I’m standing, cutting leather in the 3 pm sun that blazes through the west-facing glass block windows, that I start to feel like a wilting flower. This is when I start dreaming of ice cubes, walk-in freezers and big bowls of sorbet and frozen yogurt. These dreams are what keep me.

Upon returning home after a hot day, occasionally I’m lucky enough to make the last part of my dream become a reality. My ice cream maker gets such a workout in summer. Yesterday’s frozen yogurt dream came together in perfect harmony and with little effort thanks to just a few ingredients I had on hand. Coconut Nutella Frozen Yogurt uses only four ingredients and is subtlety sweet and refreshingly tangy, with just the tiniest hint of Nutella. I feel like this may be my new summer dessert.

Coconut Nutella Frozen Yogurt


  • 1.5 cups reduced fat canned coconut milk (used Trader Joe’s Organic brand)
  • 1.5 cups full fat Greek Yogurt (used Greek Gods)
  • 1 ripe banana, mashed
  • 1/4 cup Nutella


1. Mash banana in a small bowl and set aside.
2. In the bowl of a KitchenAid, mix together coconut milk and Greek yogurt. Then mix in banana and Nutella for about two minutes.
3. Churn well in ice cream maker (about 1/2 an hour), then place in freezer to finish setting up.

P.S. I apologize that this recipe calls for appliances. I really really hate searching for recipe ideas and finding ones that require appliances that I don’t have. I used to not have any, but then my mother-in-law started attending estate sales. Now I have plenty. For everyone else whose mother-in-law does not have the time to search for super estate sale deals, David Lebovitz has a nice tutorial on how to make ice cream without an ice cream maker.



8 responses to “Coconut Nutella Frozen Yogurt”

  1. Amy DeMoss Avatar

    I can’t wait to try this. Your timing is amazing, as I was thinking about using my long neglected (read as “forgotten”) ice cream maker earlier this week. This thought was prompted by the crisis of our upstairs fridge dying, which prompted the emptying of all but essentials from our 2nd fridge/freezer (so very thankful that we need 2 and have 2!) in order to make room for our perishables. As much as I love homemade ice cream/frozen yogurt, the ice cream maker canister was not essential and was left sitting out on my counter until the upstairs fridge was fixed. Thanks for sharing, Claire.

    1. Claire Avatar

      Oh, good! I hope this turns out well for you. I love it when it’s first churned and lightly chilled. It’s got a great soft serve quality, but it scoops nicely when fully frozen as well.

      Glad that you are up and running again with two fridge/freezers! With a family your size I can imagine the need for multiples.

  2. Patti Avatar

    Yum! Can’t wait to try this. After making some homemade ice cream and seeing how much cream and thickener was involved, I vowed to find better-for-you alternatives. We’ve been freezing bananas, mashing them up in the food processor, and adding a little Nutella for a cool creamy alternative, but I’m not particularly fond of banana flavor. I’m excited to add some coconut and yogurt to it!

    1. Claire Avatar

      This recipe was partially inspired by the larger-than-life jar of Nutella I recently brought home from Chicago. So, thanks for that! 🙂

  3. Jason Avatar


  4. Jason A. Higgs Avatar
    Jason A. Higgs

    Making it this weekend… Question about the coconut milk: We bought Silk Coconut milk, and I am wondering what the consistency of your TJ’s milk was.

    1. Claire Avatar

      The canned coconut milk from TJ’s is the creamier stuff. I’ve used Silk in ice creams before, but the result is more icey than I’d like. So glad you are making this. I hope you like it!

  5. Hilary Avatar

    Okay, previous comment edited to read, “… drinking shrub cocktails and eating amazing ice cream concoctions!”

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