Free Day

Occasionally I get lucky enough to be so ahead on grant proposals that I have no other choice but to put down my computer and take a day for me. I’m still learning how to shut off that part of my brain that needs to keep busy with work-related tasks during the week. Slowly I’m coming to terms with the fact that I can’t force more work to happen just by refreshing email to see if any of my clients have responded to inquiries.

Learning the art of using my time for me instead of being on hold for others is pretty great. I like this whole being in control of my life thing.

Prepping strawberries for shrub syrup. Yum.

Whipping up some new summer deodorant. (yep)

Lunch and thank you notes by the garden.

Using my favorite measuring cups as I make a mess.

Letting the scent of fresh bread waft through the house.

Life is good.

When given a free day, how do you fill it?





5 responses to “Free Day”

  1. Maryann Avatar

    You’re almost done with the book! That’s a good sign!!!

    My free days are filled with house work, which stinks and I guess means they’re not free days. If I really had a free day, and the weather was just the way I like it, I’d plant flower pots and I’d definitely bake something. I wouldn’t mind having a free day in Dublin, either, and just browsing Avoca and reading a book over a long cup of coffee.

    1. Claire Avatar

      Yes! Have now finished and it’s great. Sorry you had to see my poor treatment of it. Poor binding on my books. It’s a rough life.

      Normally my free days are for cleaning, too, but I’d been in Chicago over the weekend and Regan scrubbed the entire house while I was gone. There was absolutely nothing I could have done. I like that guy. I also really like the sound of your dream free day.

  2. Patti Avatar

    This doesn’t look like a free day to me!! Free day for me is sleeping in until at least noon and vegging in front of the TV until all my shows on DVR are watched. Of course I end up feeling like a loser afterwards, so I’d probably bake something too to make up for it. 🙂 Glad you were able to enjoy some relaxing time after our labor-intensive weekend!

    1. Claire Avatar

      Baking something always makes a day whole 🙂

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