Rowlf, the Hat

About a month ago a friend asked if I would make a hat for his fiance. A Muppet hat. He sent me this link to the Wattlebird blog for inspiration.

I’m wildly glad that I have friends in their thirties who give gifts like this on Valentines Day. Clearly I’ve chosen my pals well.

This is a simple hat pattern made up to accommodate the Rowlf-colored yarn I found. It is knit in seed stitch for the first inch, then stockinette stitch for the rest. The ears are seed stitch as well, and the face was made from my husband’s old t-shirts. I used a dessert plate as my template and went from there. The face is sewn onto the hat body lightly, grabbing only the top of the stitches so that the face stretches with the rest of the hat.

I doubt I’ll be making a Rowlf hat ever again, but now that it’s complete I realize it was kind of fun. I tend to be a bit too literal in my interpretation of things and so for a while I thought this project was a failure. But now I realize it’s just a goofy hat. And goofy hats are nothing to stress about.





2 responses to “Rowlf, the Hat”

  1. Patti Avatar

    Aww..looks cuddly! I love Rowlf!

    1. Claire Avatar

      I was pretty unfamiliar with Rowlf until now. Of all the Muppets, I think I like Beaker best.

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