I liken my pre-film festival routine to the nesting expectant mothers do before their babies arrive. The weekend before the Festival is always the same for me. I hunker down, clean the house thoroughly, hand wash all the clothing I’ve not taken time to take care of, mend clothes and make lots of meals in preparation for being gone all day every day for 11 days in a row. I deal with enough surprises during the Festival that I don’t want to have to think about what to eat or what to wear every morning when I wake up. And even though I tend to hang back when celebrities are around, in the event I bump into Martin Sheen this year I really would like to be presentable.

When I’m gone all the time, Regan has to take care of the house and Jack on his own, which he’s more than capable of doing. However, I get so mentally exhausted during the Festival he has to take care of me too and so I like to make everything as easy as possible for him ahead of time. In addition to a fall stew and broccoli with curried quinoa for lunches and dinners, I decided breakfast sandwiches were in order. I discovered we had everything on hand for bagels using this recipe, substituting a tablespoon of molasses in the boiling water instead of a tablespoon of sugar. However, upon doing further research while my bagels were baking in the oven and not looking so picture perfect, I decided that I’ll be using this recipe next time. I think the higher gluten content in bread flour will  help with the elasticity in the bagels and make them look more like what you might find in the store and not the reject pile.

These certainly aren’t as lovely as I hoped they’d be, but they were fun and cheap. With the addition of an egg and a slice of cheese, the two of us have breakfast for an entire week. And a breakfast sandwich is going to treat me a lot better than that box of Milk Duds and container of popcorn that sits and taunts me day after day at the movie theater.

Take that, movie theater food. I’m going to win this battle this year.





7 responses to “Bagels”

  1. Erin Avatar

    If you meet Martin Sheen I will freak out. I will.

    1. Claire Avatar

      I dream of the America in West Wing.

  2. maryannk Avatar

    Mmm, breakfast sandwiches sound good. I’m sure your bagels were very tasty and not so chock-full of preservatives as the ones you might find in the grocery stores! Nice one!

    But seriously, is Martin Sheen coming? We had our fair share of loose cannons taking the stage, but this would bring it to a whole new level… 🙂

    1. Claire Avatar

      Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez are scheduled to attend. Charlie Sheen, however, is not. We just invited the beloved family members 🙂

      1. maryannk Avatar

        Ugh, geez, I just love making an ass of myself. 🙂 This ranks right up there with me telling Frank last week that I’d just assumed Bill Gates was partners with Steve Jobs at Apple and wasn’t Microsoft just a subsidiary company? He turned sort of pale and swallowed and asked if I’d said this to anyone else. Then he told me to make sure I didn’t say it again.

        Anyway, have fun, whoever you get to meet. 🙂

  3. Lisa Avatar

    Can I like comments, cause I’d like your second one, MK. 🙂

    Good luck with the Festival, Claire – it’ll be another stellar year, I’m sure. Look forward to touching based when it’s all wrapped and your back to real life!

    Oh, and let us know if you get any designer purses this year!

    1. Claire Avatar

      I’m with you on liking comments. How I miss Maryann — and you.

      Thanks for luck on the Festival. We’ll need it. Can’t wait to grab drinks when I resurface!

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