Indianapolis Zoo & White River Gardens

Hot on the heels of an equally hot summer, fall-like weather descended on Indy this past weekend. Regan and I took advantage of the cool temps and the long holiday weekend to do some city exploring.  We spent a full afternoon at the Indianapolis Zoo and White River State Gardens. It was pretty fantastic.

We took in a dolphin show, pet sharks, squealed about some cute baby animals (giraffe and elephant, to be exact — and it was me doing the squealing) and enjoyed the seals and the raunchy meerkats. Then we headed to the gardens and imagined what our yard could look like with a bit more space and a lot more effort. I love so much about different types of landscaping. The gardens at White River offer not only the beauty of diverse landscaping, but also signage so that we were able to learn the names of the plants by which we were most charmed. Lantana camara, Rumex sanguineus and Monarda fistulosa. We were able to also use that signage to identify some plants we already have growing in our yard thanks to some garden transplants from Regan’s parents’ yard.

We had a lovely time. You should go exploring too.


4 responses to “Indianapolis Zoo & White River Gardens”

  1. Mauria Avatar

    Aww, I figured it was Regan squealing! 🙂

  2. maryannk Avatar

    One of my all-time favorite Indy places. I can’t believe they have a baby giraffe! 🙂

  3. Amber Avatar

    I love how you have more pictures of plants/flora than animals. If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to stop with the animals pictures! 🙂

    1. Claire Avatar

      Flowers don’t move around 🙂

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