New Look Skirt 6899

There is nothing consistent about my wardrobe. I don’t really own a certain style and I certainly don’t own a specific size.

I have skirts, pants and shorts ranging in sizes from 2 to 10. They all fit so it’s not a matter of my fluctuating body – it’s a matter of fluctuating sizes within the industry. From manufacturer to manufacturer they are different. While I’ve put on considerable weight over the past ten years, I’ve now come to rest at a steady 36″, 28″, 38″. That’s a size 14 according to sewing measurements. Sure, I’d love to be more fit, but buying a size two skirt doesn’t make me feel any better about myself. After all, I’m still the same size, and the next time I have to go buy a skirt or a pair of pants I’m no closer to knowing whether to grab a size two or ten.

And that’s why I love sewing. While stores have absolutely no consistency, pattern makers do. I can take my body measurements, check them against the pattern and then cut away, knowing that if I use the right seam allowances and follow the instructions, more than likely I’ll have an outfit that fits.

The pattern is view E from New Look Pattern 6899, made from Lisette 2011 spring collection fabric. The waist band is lined with a contrast Lisette fabric and the bottom hem is 1/4 inch. It fits just right at the waist, sitting softly without riding up or down. It wears pretty well too — not nearly as wilted as the rest of me on these hot, 100 degree summer days.


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  1. Patti Avatar

    So brave of you to announce your measurements in public! You my friend, are beautiful. I am loving the summery patterns and flowy outfits!

  2. Claire Avatar

    Yeah, I debated on sharing my sizing with the internets 🙂 Thanks for the love.

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