With Our Hands

Friday night we enjoyed a quick getaway to French Lick and West Baden, IN with our friends. Since the mid 1800s this area has been known for its mineral springs and their restorative healing powers. Luxurious resorts were built up around the springs and the hotels there hosted such notables as Al Capone and Diamond Jim Brady.

We spent Friday and Saturday taking in the springs, the hotels and the outbuildings restored to their historic grandeur. We also took in the casino.

It was full of flash and opulence, but no one seemed to notice anything past the slot machines and electronic poker tables directly in front of them. Regan turned $10 into $100. I turned seven dollars into nine and did a lot of people watching. It was nice to get away, take in some history, some opulence and some scenery in the rolling hills of Southern Indiana, but when we woke up Sunday morning we were ready to counteract some of the excess we’d encountered the day before. And so we took to the backyard to plant our garden and use our hands.

We transferred our Emerald Giant Peppers and Big Mouth Tomato seedlings into their outdoor containers. Our lettuce table filled with cress and Boston Bibb is planted, although later than we intended. On one end of our raised bed we have Dragon Tongue Beans and on the other we have basil, parsley and cilantro. If we can ward off the squirrels, we’ll have a small-scale garden that will provide bruschetta, pasta sauce, pizza toppings and delicious salads. And even if our garden fails, we’ll plant it again and again because there’s something so rewarding and simple about digging in the dirt on a rainy Sunday morning.


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