Six Yards of Mulch

Finding new gift ideas for Regan’s mom is always exhausting. What do you get for a very particular woman? She loves art, but is running out of places to put it in her small, contemporary home. Regan’s dad always has her set up with any jewelry she might have had her eye on. Clothing is out because one of her great joys in life is finding her own spectacular deals at T.J. Maxx or Goodwill. Over the years we’ve learned that what we believe her taste in music is, is definitely not her taste in music. She loves movies, but hasn’t figured out how to use the DVD player in their home.

The list goes on. Whenever we try to brainstorm about that perfect gift for her Regan and I shut down and kind of give up. It seems that each idea we come up with is attached to its own dead end.

So this year for her 69th birthday we got her a set of tea towels. They aren’t exciting, but they are functional and so compact she can hide them away in a drawer in their small home. Then we enhanced that small gift with some sweat and labor. We spread six cubic yards of mulch in her beautifully landscaped yard. On our hands and knees for much of Saturday morning, we got to know the vast assortment of ground covers, bushes, plants and flowers that were planted and nurtured by the master gardener who lived there before Regan’s parents. It’s always been a yard that has wowed us. Each season it has a new wave of blooms and colors, and while we always have admired it from afar, we never really have taken the time to get to know it like we did this weekend.

There were surprises everywhere we turned, and when we finished we were overwhelmed with inspiration for our own landscaping and gardening. But more importantly, I believe we finally gave her the perfect gift. I share this with you because Mother’s Day is just around the corner and, you know, mulch is cheap and labor is free. Look how happy Mom will be.





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  1. Gail Avatar

    I know an aunt that would love this! Maybe you could throw your cousins some hints. I guess not so much the mulch but the labor! I love this! I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter weekend. Looks like you did!

    1. Claire Avatar

      Thanks, Gail! I hope your Easter was wonderful as well. We missed celebrating with you all this year, but it was a pretty lovely holiday anyway. I’ll subtly drop some hints about the perfect Mother’s Day gift next time I talk to some Burtons 🙂

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