My hands are calloused. My fingers feel arthritic. This past week I’ve spent all my evenings at home, feverishly working on a freelance knitting project. And it feels so good to now have a bundle of finished products before me.

This pile of seemingly rough, rigid fiber will soon be transformed into something with an ethereal feel. I love that this fabric I created has the ability to transform so drastically.

I’ve been having a dream lately in which I transform what I do each day — that making and creating becomes my full-time job and working in an office is just a faded memory. What’s your dream?






6 responses to “Transformation”

  1. Erin Avatar

    That my friend Claire lived on the coast with a house full of knick knacks. Wait. No. That was someone else’s dream. But I LOVE it.

    1. Claire Avatar

      I love the coast part of it 🙂

  2. Jo Avatar

    Claire-thanks for inspiring us-I hope you are able to live your dream!

  3. Claire Avatar

    Thanks, Jo. I’m lucky enough that if I don’t end up living that dream, what I’ve got now isn’t half bad.

  4. Patti Avatar

    My dream too! We’ll totally make it happen and be able to live comfortably off of it too, I just know it!

    1. Claire Avatar

      Yes! We will. Can’t wait for our upcoming weekend retreat!

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