I love what sunshine does to my world. Friday I could hardly work I was so distracted by the warmth and sunlight. In fact, I started planning a cookout instead of writing curriculum. After work Regan whipped out his shorts and flip-flops and started the grill. We made burgers, had friends over and sipped rosemary-infused Tom Collins. It was bliss.

Saturday the sun was still out and we seized the opportunity to go exploring. We walked around Broad Ripple Village, enjoyed lunch at the Monon Food Company, sipped some coffee at Hubbard and Cravens and finished up our afternoon with ridiculously indulgent ice cream cones at Brics as we sat and chatted by the fireplace. But before that I went on my own little adventure to a bead shop in Fountain Square.

Heirloom Classics Jewelry and Beads on Prospect St. is a sweet little shop. I’ve never been one to love doing beadwork, but there is something about beads I can’t keep away from. I went in just to look, but of course couldn’t walk away empty-handed as I immediately gravitated to the Czech fire-polished beads. The owner asked me about my plans for the beads as I was paying for them and I let him know I’d probably just hang them on my wall and let the sun hit them nicely. But then I got home and decided that better than hanging on a wall, I should have this collection of color on my neck.

For the first necklace I split the hank of mustard beads and fixed each end to a lobster clasp. To hide the ends of each strand I cut the silk strap off of a tank top I never wear and enclosed everything by carefully stitching the strap around the individual strands.

For the second necklace I split the purple and grey hanks and twisted the strands together. I tied each end to the lobster closure as for the previous necklace, but masked the ends of the strands by wrapping some jewelry wire around each, and then placed a charm found in my craft junk drawer on the closure as well.

When it comes to jewelry my style tends to fall in the Figs & Ginger and by boe style category, but every now and then I turn into a magpie and want sparkle and color.

What’s your jewelry style?


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  1. maryannk Avatar

    I love beads, too. Must be my inner pirate, longing for shiny, pretty things! But I am totally afraid of creating jewelry. For some reason just looking at the wall of clasps and tiny hardwares at Michael’s makes my stomach nervous. And then there was the friendship bracelet fiasco at camp when I was a kid… never could figure out how to do the knots! The closest I ever got to a career in jewelry was when my sisters and I would string cheap plastic beads on heavy twine and try to sell them at the Farmer’s Market.

    1. Claire Avatar

      You know what, MK? I do believe I made these necklaces with some of the supplies you left to me when Frank whisked you off to Ireland. So thank you 🙂

      Also, I’m totally afraid of jewelry-making too. Just tying the ends of the hanks onto the clasps had me stressed out. The only thing that made me happy about this project were the beads and so I suppose that means that this is one art I can say I kind of tried and we’ll leave it at that. Glad I’m not alone!

  2. Erin Avatar

    Is that where Boca Loca was?

    1. Claire Avatar

      Yes! Such a nice little shop.

  3. Patti Avatar

    Jewelry is definitely daunting, especially with sweaty hands, but it’s fast and rewarding!! We’ll have to visit that bead shop soon Claire, so I can get my hands on some more pretty sparkly things! My jewelry style is non-existent (stupid metal allergies), but that doesn’t stop me from forcing my friends to wear my creations!

    1. Claire Avatar

      As a said friend who is “forced” to wear your creations, I’m glad you experiment with jewelry. You are a lot more daring than I when it comes to working on a very small scale. I’m always impressed with your creations!

  4. Katie Avatar

    Eek! Beads! The work is beautiful, Claire. I’m going to have to stop at the bead place really soon. I still have a Groupon to use! We might have to have a bead night sometime. It’s been a little while now since my last intense beading project. Attaching some wire to two beads and calling them earrings doesn’t quite satisfy my needs. 😉

    1. Claire Avatar

      The owner’s wife teaches one-on-one or group classes in the studio. I thought of you when learning this. We can stroll over there after work someday … 🙂

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