I’m Back

October was fully consumed with our 19th annual Film Festival. It was a great 10 days. The High School Film Competition Award winners rocked the experience in a huge way and their families were amazing. Our Institute Workshop actually came together, thanks the cooperation of some amazing filmmakers. Over the course of two weeks, I met and worked with so many people who totally restored my faith in the pure awesomeness of people.

That said, I’m thrilled I have 11 months before the 2011 festival.

I like the comfort of home. I like quiet. I like time alone. For this reason, recovering from the festival takes a while. Glitz, glamour and schmoozing take it out of me.

Image courtesy of Banyote Photography

After this picture was taken, I sneaked out of the awards ceremony and found a bench to nap on until a bartender from the After Party asked me if I wanted a Red Bull.

Luckily, my life is now back to what I know and love.

I’ve been making real meals and gradually repairing the damage I did to my body over the course of the festival during which I mostly consumed Twizzlers and movie theatre pretzels. Our Green B.E.A.N. delivery bin never looked so good and full of promise. Even though we accidentally ordered two bunches of turnips instead of two turnips, I’m excited for the challenge of finding enough recipes to use all nine turnips over the course of a week. It’s a constant battle in our kitchen between clean and dirty dishes, but the higher the pile of dirty dishes, the more fantastic food we have filling our refrigerator.

The kitchen table is littered with scraps of fabric as I mend and tailor some of Regan’s clothes. Nearly 600 yards of baby alpaca has been slowly becoming a warm winter wrap to wear in my cold office. Piles of old t-shirts are being cut, pulled and wound into balls of yarn. And my to-do list for Christmas gift-making is ever lengthening.

It’s good to be back in the swing of things.





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