I don’t normally shop at Forever 21 since I’m well past 21 and all, but on a whim I walked into the store on my lunch break and walked out with 4 shirts to embellish. This is shirt number two.

Using some green jersey fabric I had in my stash, I cut a two foot strip of fabric and stitched a long, straight stitch down the middle with my machine set at stitch length 4. I pulled the ends of the string, gathering the green fabric, then placed it haphazardly along the shoulder and sleeve of my top and stitched it down.

Very simple. Totally unoriginal. Instantly gratifying.

Is this worth teaching to a class of beginners?





2 responses to “Ruffles”

  1. Patsy Scott Avatar
    Patsy Scott

    Absolutely! Love it.

  2. maryannk Avatar

    I would wear both your samples of embellishment! I think they’re great and easy examples you can teach in your workshop (and how cool is that??). I say go crazy! 🙂

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