Zipper: 1 Claire: 0

I’d hoped by the end of February I’d have a new skirt to show — one that I’d drafted just for me. And it was looking good, like it could happen … until I got to the zipper.

Zippers and I have never really gotten along and I’ve managed to avoid them until now. But in the name of forging ahead and doing things right I bought an invisible zipper and plastic invisible zipper foot, then sat down to make it all happen.

I was going to tackle THE zipper.

But before I could put the zipper in I had to put the zipper foot on. I sat with a pile of strange plastic parts scattered on the table and surfed through countless video tutorials for putting this particular foot on my machine. Then I discovered I have one of the very few machines that said zipper foot did not work on. So I did some more research, found another zipper foot and waited patiently for it to come in the mail.

When the new foot arrived I attached it easily and promptly sewed on my very first zipper, patted myself on my back, zipped it up… Err…. Scratch that. I partially zipped it up. Turns  out that if you accidentally sew over the zipper teeth it removes all functionality of the zipper.

I cursed a little, seam ripped a bit, threw up my hands and moved on to an instant gratification project. A stuffie made from an old t-shirt.

This guy went to a friend of ours, but not before he told Jack, “I pity the fool who tries to put in a zipper.”






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