A Study in Opposites

Jack is very much an only dog. He devours all our attention and seems to always frantically seek more. For about a year we’ve been discussing the possibility of getting a new dog. We felt like getting another could be perfect for all of us … or disastrous.

We haven’t been aggressive in our search, but when we picked Jack up from daycare last week, the good folks there told us he’d made a friend. Her name was Annabelle and she needed a home. So this weekend we are enjoying a test run with two dogs in the house. Of course, we have no idea if by Monday we’ll be expanding our family by one, but either way it’s been lovely so far.

The two of them are so different. Where he is brown, she is black. His hair can’t be contained, but her’s is sleek and shiny. He barks neurotically and runs around the yard, while she stands stoically. She respects our every command, even if she doesn’t quite understand them (she doesn’t even know her name) and Jack seems to think that respecting human/dog boundaries isn’t always for him.

They play so well together, but still haven’t learned to share very well. At first Anabelle would softly growl under her breath when Jack stole the attention from her. After we used Jack’s kennel to feed her dinner it seemed that Jack was the one concerned about the shared attention. Jack seemed to prefer we ignore her completely and tried to reprimand us if we pet her, but we soon got him settled down.

It might be rocky for a while, but I get the feeling they could be fast friends.






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  1. Mr. Higgs Avatar
    Mr. Higgs

    Well what happened to Annabelle? The people have a right to know.

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