Trimming the Tree

Grand plans for doing things (making gifts) don’t always see the light around here for various reasons (the plague I seem to have caught this weekend). But this week we did manage to trim the tree and make some stockings. This will be our seventh Christmas together and we’ve never really established a holiday routine outside of the ones our parents have set for us. We still celebrate at our folk’s homes, using the stockings from childhood. We don’t open gifts in our home on Christmas morning or celebrate in a way that recognizes we’ve become our own little family — just the three of us. So this year we decided stockings were in order.

Looking at the stockings now, they probably would have benefited from a pattern or some forethought (and definitely from a better photo), but instead I grabbed a few old sweaters and cut out some stocking shapes freehand. For Regan and Jack, I used old sweaters that had been slowly felted over the years, but I couldn’t seem to part with.

Using the ribbing at the bottom of the shirt for the stocking cuff and the side seam of the shirt as the left side of the stocking, I only had to stitch up the right seam and the foot, and then decorate a bit. I ran out of sweaters before I got to mine so I used some fabric I had sitting around and it turned out really girly, but it seems appropriate enough.

Additionally, Regan set up the camera and made a time-lapse video of the tree being trimmed. It’s a simple little tree, but all lit up it makes me glad.

Because WordPress isn’t playing nice with my video file, you can find it on Regan’s Flickr account here. You’ll see I got all gussied up for the occasion.






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