Long Weekend

As a reward for all the long hours worked over the past few weeks, management gave staff a four day weekend. Regan took these days off with me and together we had a bang-up time.

We decided to throw a Halloween party. We don’t often throw parties because each time we have people over I go into a mode not unlike one of my mother’s most famous ones — attempting to frantically make our house look a magazine spread. Silly, I know. I am well aware I could buy some wine, bake some bread and everyone would have the same kind of time, but for reasons I attribute to my genetic make-up, I can’t help but change one or ten things about our house every time.

We overhauled the kitchen and living rooms and sprinkled little changes through the rest of the house. Then we cleaned and baked like fools but ran out of time before we were able to make costumes. I spent the whole party trying to turn my brain off “go,” and at one point fought the urge to get up mid-conversation and go water a plant. This inability to sit back and enjoy the party fully may just have finally taught me a lesson about what care is necessary to put into having friends over and what is unnecessary. That said, it was fun. We roll with good people and our gathering made that abundantly clear.

The really wonderful thing is we were able to spend Sunday and Monday relaxing in our seemingly new space.

Jack likes the new curtains.


I like our newly painted table and plates hung in the kitchen.


We finished up the weekend with an attempt at creating a “pho” type soup without a recipe. Now I’m trying to remember how we made it because it was the perfect meal to cap off a really terrific weekend.


Here’s hoping your weekend was just as nice. How did you spend your Halloween?






2 responses to “Long Weekend”

  1. Mr. Higgs Avatar
    Mr. Higgs

    I am still so bitter about missing that party. I sure would like to see some pictures.

    That soup looks awesome.

    Hope you get some more downtime weekends.

    p.s. Now that you have some downtime I totally have some knitting projects for you!!!

    1. Claire Avatar

      We missed you at the party for sure. Sadly, there are no pictures… except from the very beginning when Beyonce and $5,000 from the Wheel of Fortune showed up.

      I look forward to seeing what knitting projects are on your mind as it’s been a long time since I knitted something Higgs-worthy.

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