I don’t do well with being away from home. When I first went to college I packed as though heading off to a third world country.

It’s not too different preparing for working the upcoming film festival. Even though I’ll come home every night, I’ve started to get antsy about all the long days at the theatre and away from all my comforts.

Normally I’m not a hugely organized person, but I definitely found myself making lists of outfits for the next two weeks and organizing them in my closet by day so I can grab and go. I’m doing everything in my power to plan for an extra 10 minutes of sleep here and there. As I was putting my outfits together I realized my lack of shirts so I tried to make one. If I find time, I might make another tomorrow night in a bigger size.


I found a $5 men’s 2XL t-shirt that I cut down to my size using a well-loved shirt as the pattern. Obviously, my measurements were a little off as it’s snugger than it probably should be. To get the sleeves to stand well on their own I made three heavy duty pleats at the top of each. With some of the leftover material from the sides I took in, I made a series of figure 8 type petals in different sizes and attached them from smallest to largest along one side of the collar. I also cut off the ribbing along the neck to make the neckline more feminine.

Overall I’m pleased with it, but I really need to learn how to better attach sleeves as I always manage to sew them at slightly different angles, which emphasizes the “Hi. My name is Claire. I make my own clothes” factor. This is something I’d like to avoid.

Also, in taking inventory for the weeks ahead I realized my purse holds my wallet and keys, but nothing else. So, using a pattern I created on the fly, an old duvet cover from Goodwill for lining and some denim, I made a large-ish bag to hold all my trailmix and apples and other “must haves” so I don’t feel quite so out of sorts while I’m away from the house.


See you in two weeks. I’m off to festival for a while.






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  1. Patti Avatar

    How do you find the time?! I’m still working on scarves and baby blankets that I promised a year ago. Beautiful creations and so useful and thrifty! Oh master, teach me how to make my own clothes so that I don’t have to wear the same 5 outfits since 2007 all year long anymore.

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