A Well Wound Ball

The Festival countdown has begun.

In two weeks it will be here, and when it hits I’ll work 12 to 14 hour days for 10 days straight. A lot of it’s amazing — filmmakers from around the world, outstanding movies, and contagious excitement. It’s good to be a part of something infused with so much energy.

The flipside of that is working 12 to 14 hour days for 10 days straight, hunger, exhaustion and watching my co-workers cry. It’s rough and once it’s over November is practically here. Then it will be time for holiday knitting and sewing.

With a frost advisory tonight and a 7:00 sunset, it seemed to be the perfect time to hunker down, find comfort and wind a ball of baby alpaca. An hour later, 549 yards of golden yarn is wound, waiting for a project which will most likely be on hold for another month.

In the meantime, Jack is taking care of things. He’s watching that ball of alpaca like he might tend a flock.







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