I’m a big fan of growing tomatoes, but not a huge fan of eating them plain. I simply like how prolific they are. The fact they multiply without much effort on my part makes them my favorite part of our mildly productive garden. That and the green peppers.

This weekend we maxed out on tomato space in the window sill.

TomatoesInSill3So we chopped up a few green peppers, carrots, basil, garlic and an onion, and set a pot to simmer for the whole of Sunday (based loosely on these instructions). By dinner we had a really perfect meal to accompany a cool day that made us realize fall is nearly here.








3 responses to “Tomatoes”

  1. Maryann Avatar

    I love the new blogging space and want to comment on everything! First, I will send you some courgettes (zucchini!) if you send me some tomatoes! I don’t like either of them “plain,” but there are so many options when you cook them…

    I LOVE the picture of Jack. He looks like a kid.

    Moon suit is another wonderful Claire invention! It actually looks like you. Put some clothes on it and slip it into bed with Regan and you can sneak away to visit me! I had to chuckle out loud about the undies. “Accidental.” Hah.

    1. cnorton Avatar

      We should totally have an overseas veggie exchange — send tomatoes and courgettes, then receive compost 🙂

  2. Patti Avatar

    WOW! I only had 4 tomatoes on my tiny “Patio Tomato” plant, 2 got knocked down and 1/2 eaten by squirrels and now I only have 2 left. 🙁

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