Dear Summer,

Thank you for sharing your sunshine. It’s so generous of you.

This past week and weekend proved again that summer produces extraordinary fun. It might actually just be ordinary fun, but the warmth and the sun and the life that it brings makes it extra special.

This week summer fun came in the form of a grilled pizza buffet with friends, group viewing of Troll 2 (seriously, the best WORST movie ever. Ever.), resuming Book Club after a long hiatus and in the reincarnated form of Movie Club, cupcake-eating with a friend I see too infrequently, and watching fireflies and drinking mojitos in a friend’s backyard.

I also got a little sewing in– made a simple little camera case for my new camera. Not the highest quality piece so not worth sharing, but I had a wonderful helper.


I’ve also been spending lots of time in the garden trying to combat the insects that are taking over — hand-plucking cabbage worms from our brussels sprouts and sprinkling flour and salt on our leaves. Something should work eventually, but in the meantime our garden is producing something at least. Even though I was only able to gather three pea pods, they were so satisfyingly delicious. And they were beautiful.


Also, one of my dearest friends received a horribly overdue birthday gift in the mail so I can post pictures of that little project. This reversible apron was just the thing to get me sewing again. It’s made from a thrifted pillowcase and was created on the fly with no pattern. Of course, there are obvious signs it was made without a pattern, like the way it doesn’t extend much past the hips so it’s not great for wiping hands — a critical component of any apron. Sorry, Maryann!

Regan indulged me by taking the pictures below. He’s pretty much the best when it comes to making things look nice.







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