Birthday Weekend in Pictures

I love weekends that make me not think about real life. This was one of them, thanks to Regan and all my friends and family.

Here’s how it all played out:

1. Baked bread, made muffins, cleaned house, generally took back my life on Friday night.

2. Saturday morning woke up, played with Jack, headed to Talbot Street Art Fair and the Harrison Center Arts + Craft Exchange. Good stuff.

3. Ate Sushi


4. Went to the Flying Cupcake, which is awesome.


So sweet.


… and delicious, which made me kind of crazy. Proof here.


5. Headed to a massage for both of us. No light and fluffy massage. A serious, heavy duty, deep tissue, therapeutic massage. I think I might just be healed. It was wonderful.

6. Home, played with Jack, nap.

7. Out for pizza at Jackamo’s with Erin and Andrew, then out for drinks with more people + some friends in town from D.C.

8. Sunday morning breakfast and CBS Sunday Morning at Andrew and Erin’s with out of town guests.

9. Errands, laying in the sun (me), yard work (Regan), housework, listmaking for the coming week.

10. Admired our lovely Cosmo that we grew from a seedling!


11. Ritter’s for ice cream to cap off a spectacular weekend.


12. Now we are enjoying Season 4 of Weeds and ramping up for the coming week.


Here’s hoping your weekend was just as good.






2 responses to “Birthday Weekend in Pictures”

  1. maryannk Avatar

    That looks outstanding!!! I want to know more about that Flying Cupcake… is that in Indy? Mmm, Ritters… and you (both) sooo deserved deep tissue massages. Sounds incredible, so happy for you!!!

  2. Patti Avatar

    Hahaha! You look like you’re going to eat me in that cupcake picture.

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