Or maybe I’m not

Last post I bragged about how I was really starting something– a new sweater about which I was SO excited. And I was. Until I knit the bust in two nights, tried it on and realized it was too big. It took me a few weeks to get around to ripping it but finally I just went for it– destruction–and now I have a pretty ball of yarn sitting and waiting for me to start again in size small.

In the meantime, I’ve accumulated a heap of sewing projects: baby blankets, a jersey knit dress, tulip skirt, and a few stuffies for some (more!) babies that just cropped up. But I’m sitting on all of it. The easy part is done. The projects are picked out, the fabric is purchased, washed and ironed. The dress is even cut, the pattern for the skirt is too. But for some reason my mind can’t seem to meet the battle of the sergers, sewing machines and tension. That’s all that’s stopping me which is really a bummer, particularly because I’m in need of some summer clothes.

Since I’ve made a resolve to buy no new clothing for all of 2009 (I can only make or buy second hand and revamp), this is my only option. I had hoped that desperation would drive me to conquer my fear of malfunctioning machines, but it hasn’t helped.

Any suggestions? Between my failure to create and a multitude of other things that are equipping me with the confidence of a seventh grader, I wonder — How do YOU do it? Get motivated? Get started?






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  1. Maryann Avatar

    I am in awe of your resolve to buy no new clothes this year. Wow! As Katherine Brooks used to say, “You go with your bad self!”

    Don’t force yourself to get motivated for all those projects. Then you’ll just end up begrudgingly doing them and maybe putting them off, half done. Like piano practice when you’re a kid! The time of inspiration will come. Just let it come. 🙂

    I think the last time I worked out was early 2007. Now that is bad.

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