Knitting Again

It’s no secret this winter was a soul-sucker for more people than just myself. I’ve had a hard time shaking it off and getting into the swing of normal life again. It’s still cold, still gloomy and all I’ve wanted to do is wrap myself in a blanket and maintain warmth.

This weekend might have been the thing to fix me though. How fitting that it was Easter weekend.

I know it’s too soon to tell, but I think I’m on a roll. Yesterday Mom and I went to Greencastle for the Fiber Event and a bit of antiquing. While I came home with no fiber, I returned wanting to use all the yarn I’ve taken the past few years to accumulate. When I started working for Susan Riedweg in 2006 I stopped knitting for myself. I’m still working for her and enjoying the work when it comes, but after seeing all that wool and linen yesterday I came home wanting to really use mine — work with soft fibers, instead of leather and wax cord.

I purchased the Juliet pattern from Zephyr Style last night and got started on it right away. I’ve continued that knitting intensity today and even managed to squeeze a few walks with Jack into the day, a big Easter dinner with my family up north, and some flower planting in front of the house. It feels so good to be doing things again. I’d forgotten I had the capacity to do things other than sit immobilized by winter’s ridiculously tight grip.

I’m hoping that Juliet turns out nicely for me. I’m mostly knitting it because I found this picture of it completed. I love the drape of it but fear that our body types are pretty different and my extra girth might make it substantially less attractive. Also, this particular knitter’s version looks different from all the other completed Juliet cardigans I found, but she says she followed the pattern to a T. I can only assume she may not have used two strands of worsted weight yarn so that’s what I’m attempting. My gauge is accurate with one strand. We shall see.






2 responses to “Knitting Again”

  1. Patti Avatar

    YAY! Love that you’re back to knitting and for yourself too! I don’t think I’ve ever made anything for myself, isn’t that weird? I have tons of plans though, but of course haven’t gotten to them. The Juliet looks so cute, can’t wait to see the finished project.

  2. maryannk Avatar

    This inspires me to do some crocheting again. Maybe I’ll tear up some of Frank’s granny’s old sheets and make a rug. I wish I was clever enough to knit a sweater!!! You’ll have to teach me some day.

    Your “girth.” Ha.

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