Why is my husband the best?

Because when his friends are down he joins me in creating stupid-fun things for them.


Regan created the Mr. T-inspired belly. He also helped me pick out the gold jewelry at the local hardware store, and this week we spent piecing it all together.

Joint projects with Regan tend to be the best.






3 responses to “Ridiculous”

  1. Patti Avatar

    I want one!

  2. Mr. Higgs Avatar
    Mr. Higgs


    I have no idea how I didn’t know about this blog, but I have been reading and enjoying it for an hour. I LOVE IT!

    Speaking of love… This was an awesome gift and I should have called to tell you how much it meant to me. You and Regan are such wonderful caring friends and I can only hope that everyone is as lucky as I am.

    Thank you so very much for my Mr. T, he is fantastic!

    1. Claire Avatar

      You and the rest of the world pretty much had no idea this blog existed until Mr. Murray linked to it. I’m glad you are reading and am even happier you liked your Mr. T!

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