Snow Day!

There is a small part of me that yearns for middle school. It’s the part of me that loves snow days. Unfortunately in the real world they don’t come as often as I’d like, but on some special days — like today — we get the day off.

Regan and I are so lucky that we are “non-essential personnel,” and so on these rare days we get to hunker down, bundle up and take comfort in the fact that we aren’t really needed. We woke to 10 inches of snow on the ground and more falling. We’ll have a foot when it’s all said and done. We’re looking forward to taking Jack out to frolick in it.

At any rate, we started off the day right with a super-amazing breakfast made of wheatberries, greek yogurt and fresh and dried fruit. It’s Heidi Swanson’s Wheat Berry Breakfast Bowl. Head over to 101 Cookbooks and check her out. She’s our new fave.  She’ll make you happy that food is beautiful and delicious.






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  1. maryannk Avatar

    I like wheatberries!!! Yummy in chili!!!

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