We didn’t leave the house this weekend. Instead we watched the snowy outside world through our windows. Of course, two inches of snow was only an excuse to do nothing, it absolutely didn’t have to confine us to the house. The world just seems a little less pleasant during the month of December with the crazy drivers and even crazier shoppers. We’ll probably make more excuses to stay inside during the next few weekends.

We cooked some, read some and cleaned some. I’m rediscovering the neat things I have buried deep in my sewing room. I’m also falling in love again with David Sedaris. His essays always make me laugh and remind me how valuable storytelling is.  Regan and I then capped off this weekend by playing a few games of Scrabble, accompanied by putting some fondue in our bellies. It was kick ass.

Here’s a sampling of some of the projects I worked on this weekend. The only thing I didn’t snap a picture of was the homemade tea bag, which isn’t really picture-worthy, but still totally makes me smile.

1. Fabric flowers with singed edges that will be used any number of ways. I’m trying to get into accessories. Flowers seem like a natural thing to begin affixing to my headbands, belts and sweater closures. This is based loosely on a tutorial over at still dottie. You should check out her tutorial to see how this should really be done. Her flowers are lovely and feminine, not awkward like these.

2. My sister-in-law is very cool and — lucky for me — her style tends to run unique and fun instead of tailored and fancy. I’d be out of luck in the making department if she needed tailored. But fun I can do. This purse was quick to put together and I’d like to try a few more versions since I just sat down and began cutting and sewing with no pattern or even knowledge of how to put a purse together. It at least turned out to be the right shape. We’ll see how it functions as a purse.


3. Finally I have a glimpse of a work in progress. I’m working on a few versions of this item for a few people on my Christmas list. This is attempt number one.







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