Handmade Holiday

Jack is sitting on the front porch watching the snow fall. He’s mesmerized by it. Regan and I are huddled inside next to the space heater, making Christmas lists for giving and receiving.

We’ve always tried to create meaningful gifts for Christmas but usually get so caught up in work and life that we lose the time necessary to create. Instead, we resort to retail desperation shortly before the holiday, which tends to crush our spirits. Big time.

This year with we’re making an even stronger pledge to do our best to give only handmade and local gifts. I’ve already started multiple projects and hope to make progress. There’s something remarkably soothing about the eveness of hand-made stitches pulled through felt and the weight of several layers of knit fabric as it rests in my lap while I sew.

There’s something pretty soothing about this as well.






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