While I shopped at Goodwill for old t-shirts to change from one shape into another, Regan explored the odds and ends in back. I was ready to go when he told me he had something he wanted me to see.

This White sewing machine appears to have been produced between 1911 and 1920, according to the serial number. I still have to call the company to double check. Obviously, this photo was taken in our house and not Goodwill, which means I brought it home. I’ve been needing another table in my work room to set my serger on, and since this is a thing of both beauty and function I snapped it up.

I love old things– that attention to detail is incredible, isn’t it?





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  1. Patti Avatar

    Awesome! I’ve seen something similar, but doesn’t look quiet as old as yours at the antique markets and they go for like hundreds! Beautiful find and in such good condition!

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