This weekend we went to my little sister’s high school graduation. Sadly, we missed all opportunities to take photos with her. I’m pretty sure everyone else in town snagged a photo though.

Instead, Regan helped me get hundreds of pictures of our family dog. He’s been with the family just about as long as Arielle. We got him in the summer of ’91 and this summer Mason will be celebrating his 17th birthday.

We had a family friend who used to say, “If Mason could talk, he’d stutter.” I always thought that was the perfect description for him. He never slowed down- and he still has trouble taking it easy. He only has a small percentage of his teeth left. His hips are failing, and so are his eyes, hearing and memory, but he still bounds up the stairs on his good days and is a constant companion.






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  1. Patti Avatar

    AWWW!! MASON!!! I can’t belive he’s going to be 17, that’s 119 in human years! I guess being happy, having an awesome family and living in the country (well more country than some places) gives you longevity!

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