Priced to Sell

It’s rare I find anything at yardsales. I used to go with lofty expectations, but after sifting through countless bins containing half-used bottles of shampoo for $0.25 or packages of plastic Hawaiian leis, those expectations have been lowered.

However, my mom seems to have a knack for finding just the right thing at yardsales- sturdy pieces of furniture that are transformed with a coat of paint (or sometimes are perfect as is). Her luck rubbed off on me over Mothers’ Day weekend when she came to visit. We happened to walk by our neighbor’s house and saw a vintage tin toy car, an ornate mirror and a simple wooden chair, perfectly weathered. I talked myself out of a few things, but snapped up the $3.00 chair (priced the same as 12 half-empty shampoo bottles for those wishing to compare prices).

Now it sits in our dining room waiting for me to sand down the splatters of white paint that speckle it, in addition to changing the seat cushion.

Fancy, eh?






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  1. Patti Avatar

    GOOD FIND! Can’t wait to go to more yard sales this summer!

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