List Making at its Best

I’m a born list maker.

Whenever I clean out notepads from work I have to-do lists and household budgets interspersed with granting requirements and half developed curriculum. And it always seems like my goals are loftier than my abilities or my drive. Pretty much the only things that get knocked off my lists are the low-hanging fruits, like house cleaning and bill paying. The projects I have in mind never quite see the light.

Even though I don’t have a true summer vacation coming up, I do have summer to look forward to. Longer and warmer days of which to take advantage. If I can knock off 33.3% of this list I should be happy- that’s 33.3% more than what I’ve been up to lately.

Replace seat on yardsale chair
Recover wingback with this fabric from Anna Maria Horner’s drawing room collection
Finish knitting Agnes from Rowan’s Vintage Style
Make laptop bag (so I can stop carrying Regan’s backpack that is covered in Jack’s hair)
Learn to make a proper dress, skirt, and shirt (I’m infamous for taking short cuts and not following patterns)
Make curtains for the kitchen with Amy Butler’s Nigella fabric

Edited to add: I didn’t accomplish any of this. Ta daaaaa!






2 responses to “List Making at its Best”

  1. maryannk Avatar

    I love the fabrics. I wish I were so talented! I’d love to see any wedding shawl ideas you have.

  2. Patti Avatar

    Get to working lady! Can’t wait to see the projects in motion and completed. Here’s my list:

    Refinish futon snatched from neighbor’s garbage
    Strip and refinish $15 table from antique show
    Finish crocheting green market bag
    Knit my first sweater
    Perfect dumpling making and start on learning how to make baos

    PS Congrats to Maryann! Would love to see wedding ideas and hope everything is just lovely in Ireland. 🙂

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